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10 Most Viewed Posts From 2011

Dear readers, thanks for coming to my site. These are the 10 most viewed posts in my blog during 2011. I started to blog seriously from September 2011 and I am quite happy with the amount of readers I got in 3 months.   How To Identify A … [Read more]

Understanding And Classifying Metabolite Space And Metabolite-Likeness

I have recently published a paper in PLoS ONE titled Understanding and Classifying Metabolite Space and Metabolite-Likeness. Understanding and Classifying Metabolite Space and Metabolite-Likeness. 2011, PLoS ONE Julio E. Peironcely, Theo … [Read more]

The Warren Buffett Way To Improve Yourself

We all want to be somebody different. We all look up to someone we would like to imitate. There is so many people, me included, that feel inadequate, not good enough. All what we want is to be better, improve ourselves. No wonder why self-help … [Read more]

Kill Procrastination Guilt With The Pomodoro Technique

Being quite a procrastinator and a time wasting guy is not easy. Many times I feel guilty for wasting my time and my employers money. At least it looks to me I am wasting them. This procrastination guilt kept piling up day after day and the feeling … [Read more]