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Top 42 Books For PhD And Graduate Students

From writing papers, to giving presentations, to grad school humor. These are the top 42 books for PhD and graduate students. If you want to survive in graduate school, you must read these books. It is normal to feel lost in the vastness of a PhD … [Read more]

The 4 Hour Workweek Guide To PhD Motivation

PhD Motivation And The 4 Hour Workweek In this post I will describe how you can boost your PhD motivation by adapting the ideas presented in The 4-Hour Workweek book by Tim Ferriss. I have read this book and there are some gems in it that I belief … [Read more]

Top 7 Things You Need To Know Before You Start a PhD

Very few people will tell you the following things before you start a PhD, and you are going to need them, oh boy you are going to need them. Being aware of what it really takes to accomplish a PhD will help you decide if you want so badly to start … [Read more]

5 Phases of PhD Motivation Explained: The Roller Coaster Curve

The motivation during your PhD is not constant, and it resembles the phases that entrepreneurs experience and that Tim Ferriss describes in his post Harnessing Entrepreneurial Manic Depression: Making The Rollercoaster Work for You. Tim provides … [Read more]