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One Difference Between Web And Biotech Startups

The difference between web and biotech startups is risk. For a web startup it is easy to build a product that works. Hire some talented programmers and designers and you will have a working version of your idea. The risk lies in getting people to … [Read more]

Metabolite Retention Time Prediction, Help Needed

This is a call for all the experts in HPLC metabolite retention time prediction, or QSRR. Would you build a model using the following data or just give up? Please share your two cents. Would you build a metabolite retention time prediction model … [Read more]

What is the Future for Drug Discovery?

The future for drug discovery is dark grey. Big Pharma as we know it is going to to die. Only a few brave companies will survive, but only after a painful adaptation to the new reality. Some are trying to adapt, hoping their pink hammer will fix … [Read more]

What Is Metabolomics?

You might have heard that some scientists sequenced the human genome and this would bring the cure to many diseases. Sorry to disappoint you but in biology and health there is much more than meets the eye. Your genetic heritage might indicate … [Read more]