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Computational Methods For Biomarker Discovery

(Literature Research Project at Analytical Biosciences)


What is the state of the art in computational methods for biomarker discovery?


We perform research projects using computational tools and analytical chemistry methods in the field of metabolomics. We have different ongoing mass spectrometry research projects where we need to identify new biomarkers. Biomarkers can be indicators of disease, or discriminate between two groups of patients.

In some cases we need to identify the chemical structure of metabolites, since they can become biomarkers. We would like to you to help us assess what are the most common computational tools used in the identification of new biomarkers.

Your Task

Perform a literature research on which are the computational tools used in metabolomics, from metabolite profiling to metabolite identification. Write a report on the state of the art on computational metabolomics.


biomarker discovery, metabolomics, computational research, data analysis


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