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Letters for Graduate School

Letters for Graduate School

Due to massive demand I decided to add a price to the Letters for Graduate School. Now each letter costs $5.

Below each item you have a link to Gumroad, where you can download  the letters or name the price you would like to pay as a compensation. This is in case you are grateful and want to support my site with whatever amount you want in order to keep it running. Remember that by default you get the letter for free.

If you are happy with these letters for graduate school you can always share this site to your friends.

Conference And Bursary Reference Letter Template

Reference letter  sample that a senior staff member, like your professor, would send asking:

  • that you are accepted to attend a conference.
  • that you receive a scholarship or travel bursary for a conference.

Cover Letter Template For Scientific Journal Submission

Cover letter sample that accompanies your article submission to a scientific journal. It is addressed to the editors of a scientific journal. In it you describe why they should consider your article for publication in their journal.

Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

Sample statement of purpose for graduate school that you can use to apply for PhD jobs. Looking for a research project at graduate school? This is the statement letter you need.

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