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PhD tip of the day: don’t overestimate problems

… which do not need to be overestimated.

PhD tip of the day: don't overestimate problems

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Today I had to tweak in a program some C function that was called from Java using JNI. It was about fixing some bug in a code I wrote myself, it should not be that difficult, right? Well, in my mind I imagined it as a tricky nerdy-like task which according to my precise estimations could last anything from 5 minutes to 5 days. So obviously I chose the worst case scenario and transformed this task into a mountain. Pushed by time pressure I started working on it and after 5 minutes guess what? It was fixed, just-like-that.

The learning here is just go for it,

start solving your problem or task now in whatever way you can.

Do not let it turn into a gigantic monster. Would you like to fight against a monster? Me neither. And if was going to be a bad-ass problem, you will find out eventually. Don not create unnecessary trouble for yourself before starting. Avoid paralysis and inaction by fear.Interested in becoming a Scientist 2.0? Then visit my blog

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