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Innovation According Best Chef, Ferran Adria

El Bulli y Ferran Adrià, la despedida 2010 502

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A cook talking about innovation, in general? Can you learn something from a food maker? Well, if it is Ferran Adrià who shares his wisdom you can learn more than in MIT. Nevertheless, Ferran Adrià has revolutionized how topnotch (and not so topnotch) restaurants prepare their food.

Adrià is the owner of El Bulli, the famous 3 Michelin star restaurant that has been awarded the World’s best restaurant distinction 5 times. Well, for sure he can talk about success. What about innovation?


80% of the innovation in the culinary world of the last 20 years came from “El Bulli”

Now were are talking!!

Recently Ferran Adrià shared his views on innovation at the 50th IESE’s Global Alumni Reunion. For him innovation should come from simplicity and not complex processes and big budgets.

Innovation According Ferran Adrià

  • Innovation does not require money, just ideas.
  • Innovation is easier than it seems … That’s what small and medium businesses do … Hustle!
  • Innovation is not a job: it’s a passion. You need ideas and to be bold.
  • It’s not a matter of money. I am tired of listening to people using money as an excuse.
  • We should teach our youth to be creative since early ages, but also teach them that budgets exist.
  • At work you should over deliver. This is how things are. You cannot look at the print of a contract and say: this is as far as I will go.
  • I am not Mother Teresa. At work I am demanding, I am tough … but I try to create a pleasant work environment.
  • I don’t know much about cooking, just a bit more than you. I am fed up of seeing so many knot-it-all experts.



This post was originally written in Spanish (La innovación según Ferran Adriá) by José Manuel Alarcón. He kindly allowed me to translate it and post it in my blog. Gracias José Manuel!

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