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Free Template: Cover Letter Template For Scientific Journal Submission

Free Template: Cover Letter Template For Scientific Journal Submission

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 Due to massive demand I decided to add a price to the reference, motivation and cover letters. Now each letter costs $5. 

I added a new cover letter template to my collection of reference letter templates. Download the Cover Letter Template For Journal Submission here.

If you find it useful, you are welcome to purchase for $5 the Cover Letter Template For Journal Submission for the amount you decide. I just give the option of a small gratitude payment if you think it is deserved.

You might find it useful when you are submitting a scientific article and the journal requires a cover letter. In it you will explain why they should consider your work for publication. Furthermore, you should describe what your contributions to the field are.

Some practical information for the submission:

  • Do not paste your abstract in the letter. Make the content original.
  • Be humble. Use sentences like “We believe our work can be of interest for scientist in the field…”.
  • Initially you can be the corresponding author (the guy in charge of submitting the article) instead of your professor, he will make things go slow. Once your article is accepted, you can request to put him back as the corresponding author.

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