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5 Bloggers That Made An Impact On Me

Among the millions of blogs out there, only a few stick out, and even less make an impact on you. These are the 5 bloggers that made an impact on me, they have inspired me, enlightened me, and taught me during many years.

This is my little thank you card for them. Guys, you rock!

Enrique Dans

Enrique Dans is one of the first and best known bloggers in the Spanish bloggosphere. He mainly blogs about the Internet economy, new technologies and the impact copyrights and new policies have on Internet users.

What I like the most about Enrique Dans?

He’s open minded towards new technologies and very optimistic. Where others see new technologies as a threat, as a challenge to the status quo, he sees a positive disruption. He is always very excited about the new opportunities technology offers us.

I also like his scientific background. Thanks to this he writes very well documented posts, with abundant links to other information sources.

Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia, aka Kirai, is a Spanish blogger that lives in Japan. He writes about Japan, technology, being a programmer, and photography (boy he has nice pictures of Japan!).  I have been reading both Enrique’s and Hector’s blogs as early as 2004, when there was no Mashable yet.

What I like the most about Hector Garcia?

He has had a big influence in who I am now. At a time I was living in a narrow world, his blog I discovered it was possible to study and work abroad, and he showed how amazing Japan is. Fast-forward 8 years, I have studied a MSc and a PhD in The Netherlands, I have travelled throughout Europe and America, and I am planning a trip to Down Under and Japan. Thanks Kirai!!

Martin Varsavsky

Martin Varsavsky is a successful tech entrepreneur that has made a ton of money with his companies. This guy is very sharp and open, so when he shares his opinion on any kind of topic, you can expect a long debate. This is why I like to read his blog. He posts cover from what is it like to be a jewish father to his opinion on Internet business to how to use social media.

Follow also interesting updates in Martin’s Google+ account.

What I like the most about Martin Varsavsky?

He could be the most macho bragging blogger in the list. Yet he writes about many delicate topics with the upmost tact, respecting all points of view. Martin even writes about his mansions and his mega-yacht and when you read him, it feels like a normal conversation you could have with a friend at the bar.

Xavier Verdaguer

Xavier Verdaguer is a dreamer from Barcelona that lives in San Francisco. He writes about his entrepreneurial projects and shares pictures of his supertramps. He also has time to run marathons, walk barefoot a whole day, or train a team of young Spanish entrepreneurs in San Francisco.

What I like the most about Xavier Verdaguer?

His blog charges me with lots of energy. I don’t know if it is because of his dreams or his pictures of San Francisco, but Xavier’s blog makes me want to get more out of life. He is a great example of the motto “work hard play hard”.

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss, Mister 4 Hours, is the new American dream. It is not about making a lot of money. Now it is about becoming anything you want and living the life you want to live, even if you don’t have money. He blogs mainly about the tricks and ideas presented in his book The 4 Hour Workweek.

What I like the most about Tim Ferriss?

When I read his blog or his books I end up having one of these two thoughts:

  • How come nobody thought about this before?
  • I have been thinking the same all my life and now this guy puts it into clear words, does it, and teaches me how to do it.
I am also thankful to Tim for his book the The 4 Hour Body, it helped me to get rid of 12kg of body fat.

What do these great bloggers have in common?

They are humble achievers. You will not find in their blog posts a feeling of entitlement.

Some of them have tons of money, others have thousands of fans, or they create successful businesses.  In any case, they talk about what they have achieved in a normal way. They don’t show off nor they try to hide it. They are not ashamed of being what they are since they have worked hard to earn being up there.

Thank you again guys.Interested in becoming a Scientist 2.0? Then visit my blog

  • Xavier Verdaguer

    wow! I’m honored to be here with these amazing guys. Thanks! xavi

  • Tedi Roca

    Nice to see that we share quite a lot of favorite bloggers :) I have added the rest to my RSS.

  • Julio Peironcely

    Brilliant minds think alike!!

  • Julio E. Peironcely

    Brilliant minds think alike!!

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