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How to Publish a Scientific Paper in Bioinformatics Journal

If you want to publish in Bioinformatics you should follow 3 unwritten rules:

  • Submit a tool
  • Give your tool a name
  • Make it available through a web service

The funny part comes when scientists, those that are known by their imagination and creativity, have to give a name to their precious tool. When faced with this dilemma, they have three options:

  • A human name, like Ernest
  • Invent a new word, like Payao
  • Borrow from other languages, like SICAGO, which means “If I poop” in Spanish.

Now there are no excuses for not having that paper accepted by Bioinformatics.

Handbook of Chemoinformatics Algorithms

A new book on Chemoinformatics is born. The Handbook of Chemoinformatics Algorithms has been edited by Jean-Loup Faulon and Andreas Bender. It has chapters written by people like Egon Willighagen, Alexander Tropsha, Rajarshi Guha, and Tatsuya Akutsu, among others. I would like to read the chapters “Structure Enumeration and Sampling”, “Open Source Chemoinformatics Software and Database Technologies”, and “Sequence Alignment Algorithms: Applications to Glycans, Trees, and Tree-Like Structures”, although the rest of the chapters do not look bad at all. Maybe I should push ¬†Andreas or Jean-Loup a bit so I can get a free copy.

Andreas Bender

In the small field of chemoinformatics, Andreas Bender is a well known scientist. I was lucky of having him as the supervisor of my master thesis, and now as a collaborator in my PhD. Thanks to Andreas, who made my research project utterly exciting, I took the decision of following a PhD. Unfortunately now he is moving from Leiden to Cambridge, to the Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics, to the group of Robert Glen, where he will take a Lecturer position. Knowing him, it will be easy to keep in touch and keep on doing research together, but damn, I prefer to have great people nearby, in case greatness is contagious.