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I am a PhD student working on Computational Metabolomics and Metabolite Identification. I use and develop chemoinformatics tools to identify unknown metabolites. I work at Leiden University, TNO and the Nederlands Metabolomics Centre, all of them located in The Netherlands.

Other things I really like are basketball, learning about different disciplines (I don’t want to be a specialist), drinking Malbec and Moscato wines, and eating cookies. Furthermore, I get a hard-on when somebody explains to me something I don’t know in a simple, thus beautiful way.

Here you will find two kinds of posts:

1.- PhD, work, and science related posts.

2.- Posts for generalists, jack of all trades, and the like. I will try to deliver in a simple way useful and actionable knowledge.

Next Scientist

I am founder of

In this blog I discuss how to become a Scientist 2.0.

If you are interested in how to use blogs, social media, and the Web 2.0 to become a better scientist, Next Scientist is the place to go.


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